ON is: Jim, Ace, Beej, Adam, AO

Hardcore in 2009 is in a terrifying state. The vitality of the last 29 years has been buried under an influx of MTV ready pabulum disguised in full sleeve tattoos, or message board posers whose manufactured anger and faux DIY posturing are applied solely for the purposes of landing on some coveted package tour, or 3 day mega fest. These are people who would speak disparagingly of “What Hold’s Us Apart”. These are people with no heart, no spine and absolutely nothing to say. Seattle’s ON are not these people.

Started in late 2007, ON came together after the recent and rapid dissolution of some of the west coast’s best and hardest working bands. Having relentlessly toured with each other in separate entities, former members of Champion, Go It Alone, Blue Monday and Lights Out decided to pool their distinctive ingredients, into a gumbo of pure legitimacy.

2008 saw the self-release of their debut EP “Vital Times”. A blistering mix of late 90’s youth crew and Quicksand-esque groove, the EP was a definitive opening salvo, immediately memorable and totally undeniable.

After spending 2008 establishing a local presence and heading out on the road with friends Verse and Have Heart, ON went back into the studio to record the follow up to Vital Times, the recently released “Control EP.” Again deciding to release the record themselves, the new material found ON expanding on both their musical direction and ideology, which in this day and age, is becoming increasingly rare. 2009 will find both EPs being re-released on 12 inch vinyl in a combined effort by Reaper Records, React Records and Powered Records, as well as additional touring in both North America and Europe.